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Our Story

Distinctive Design, Superior Quality and Impressive Value

A fabric is first judged by visual appeal, catching your eye even at a distance. Then, by touch you assess its quality.  These two characteristics - superb design and exceptional quality - are our foundation.

Design and quality are principles on which we have based Anthology Fabrics.  As a second generation in fashion apparel manufacturing and with many years of experience in the textile dye and printing, this has sharpened the keen sense of breaking trends, style and design.  Now bringing to quilting the excellence that has opened doors to such discerning clients as Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy's, and Bloomingdales, now extends to quilting community.

Our quilting fabrics are among the best in the industry, using rich exquisite colors with traditional to modern motifs.  We offer only the finest, from the soft sturdiness of the fabric, high thread count quality and innovation of the fabric construction.  We also bring a third distinction to the market: Value.  Our customers know they're getting superior quality fabric at the most competitive prices.





Our Process

Our exquisite handcrafted Batik Collection is from the beautiful island of Bali, reflecting the island's tapestry of color and texture.  Our Artisan uses a meticulous methodology to produce the time honored process of the hand dyed Batik, which first involves applying intricate stenciling with copper stamp to our high quality fabrics.  Then the fabric is treated with layers of dye, stamped with hot wax for masking, to craft innovative as well as modern and traditional patterns.  The beauty of using hand dyed Batiks is that every fabric will vary from one another, making each fabric unique and one of a kind.

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