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We would like to send a special thank you to all the designers for creating the stunning projects with our new fabric collection!

Jacqueline de Jonge


My name is Jacqueline de Jonge and I am self-thought quilter. I became interested in quilt making in 1978. I love to make beautiful quilts and enjoy working on my intrigued designs. My goal is to inspire quilters all over the world with my “BeColourful” designs.

I always was creative in many different ways but when I saw a quilt, I was hooked. I love to make quilts and to do something that you really love, is a miracle and a gift of God. I have made quilts that have won international awards and displayed my quilts worldwide. My quilts are based on traditional designs but with a contemporary and colorful twist.

Since 2004 I have lectured and conducted workshops throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. Several interviews in newspapers and magazines were published and in 2011 I was profiled and featured on the online Quilt Show with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson.  That same Quilt Show featured the Happiness pattern and instruction DVD for the Summer class of 2014. The AQS  published “The BeColourful Quilt Collection” in July 2014. In this book you will find about 50 of my most stunning designs.

I live in the Netherlands in the beautiful city of Delft. The city well known for the Royal Delft Ware. I live close to my family and I’m passionate for my spoiled ;-) Siamese cat, Mr. Pooky and my rescued Greyhound Amy.

My way of patchwork/quilting is based on the paper foundation technique, using the sewing machine. The points, stars and flying geese are very sharp and beautiful. I love to work with colors, and my quilts are real eyecatchers at your wall.

In 2015, I started working exclusively with Anthology Fabrics, sharing creative ideas as a designer and a textile artist.  I will be releasing my first Batik Fabric Collection this Fall at International Quilt Market Houston 2015. 



Cat Nix


As far back as she can remember Cat Nix has held needle and thread in hand. “I get such a charge from combining fabrics to create unique, dynamic designs! Absolute Joy fuels my creative expressions.” Cat collaborated with Paula Nadelstern to develop the “Puzzle Quilt Block of the Month,” which she has taught for several years. “I recognize in Cat a kindred spirit with a love for complex fabric,” Paula writes. “She has a true grasp of my design sensibility. She strives to be an artist who uses the vocabulary of quilt making to create a distinctive and deliberate personal response.”

“I have the best job in the world,” Cat says of her work with Anthology Fabrics. “I work with the best people and best fabric in the industry!” As Creative Director, Cat works with pattern designers, publishers, educators and shop owners to promote the use of Anthology Fabrics. 

Cat resides with her family in Kansas City, Missouri.



 Linda McGibbon


I grew up in Detroit in the 50s and 60s.  Attended Wayne State University where I received a MS in Accounting and then worked in accounting for 30 years.  In 2002 my husband retired from Ford Motor Company and we moved from Livonia, Michigan to our new home on Wixom Lake near Midland, Michigan.

Our son attend high school in Midland.  At the school, I became friends with a group of ladies who quilted.  In 2005 I bought my first sewing machine and started quilting.  Almost from my first quilt, I began changing the patterns and then I bought EQ6 in 2007 and really started designing.  I made The Big Bang the following year and it has won several awards and appears in the AQS 2013 Quilt Art Engagement Calendar. 

I purchased a Statler Stitcher/Gammill Long Arm Machine in 2011 and began quilting my own tops.  I won the Rookie of the Year Award at the Machine Quilters Showcase in 2012.

Since then, I have started publishing some of my patterns, doing trunk shows and teaching classes.



Kathleen Andrews


My Mother and Grandmothers taught me many of the needle arts when I was very young. Almost 20 years ago, my sisters Maureen and Colleen, who had been quilting for years, encouraged me to make a couple of small traditional style quilts. Quilting really didn't click with me at the time until my Mom bought me a watercolor quilt book and a fabric kit for Christmas one year. The quilt artist in me came alive and I found quilting to be creative and satisfying. I would not be where I am today without the wonderful encouragement of my sisters and my Mom and Dad.

KwiltArt has been in business since 1999. I design and write patterns, teach, lecture and vend at quilt shows. I
specialize in designing dynamic quilt patterns that create depth, dimension, movement and optical illusions using strip and speed piecing techniques for easy construction.

I left the quilt world temporarily when I bought a new Corvette, started racing, and won a few awards, but now I'm back to quilting full time. I have been juried many times into the larger national shows, have done a half hour segment on Kaye Wood's PBS television show "Kaye's Quilting Friends", was advertised as one of three "celebrity teachers" at the American Sewing Expo in Novi, MI in Sept. 2015, and am also an AQS instructor.

With a new quilt design, I never have a full vision of what it will look like when finished. I make pieces and blocks and play with them on my design wall until there is a good layout. Photos of each layout help me remember what has been done previously. I like designs with depth, dimension and movement. I then figure out the construction logistics, which is sometimes the toughest part trying to convey the exact steps for creation while keeping it as easy as possible.

I am enjoying the opportunity to share my artwork and ideas in hopes of inspiring others to explore and open up to their own creative potential.



Rami Kim


Rami Kim is a DNA scientist-turned fabric artist/quilter/instructor known nationally and internationally. She is a 18-time Best of Show winner, distinguished for her innovative art-to-wear.  Her passion is in contemporary art-to-wear, quilts, cloth dolls and bags with special interest in 3-dimensional textures and she is known for her own distinctive colors and techniques. Her first book, Folded Fabric Elegance, published by AQS, is about her 3-D texturing techniques and new projects. Her second book, Quilted Elegance (also published by AQS), focuses on reversible wearable arts, bags and two-sided quilts. The third and most recent book, 'Elegant Cotton, Wool, Silk Quilts' was published in autumn 2012. 

She graduated from Seoul National University majoring in Chemistry and University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) majoring in endocrinology and worked at the Cancer Research Institute at UCSF before her passion and talent in fabric art drastically changed this biochemist's career years ago.

She says she'd rather spend even more time with beautiful fabrics and threads and beads than with DNA sequencing gels and radioactive isotopes of cold, gray science.



Sassafras Lane


A pattern designing duo out of Colorado. Our goal is to get you as excited about our patterns as we are. We love fresh creative ideas and lots of color, especially orange!

Sassafras Lane is the street where our Orange Studio is located, Kristy resides and Shayla was raised.

Keeping up with our street theme, our quilt patterns are all named after streets: some famous, some we have lived on, and some we made up =]

Our bag patterns are named after our family members, friends and pets. We draw our inspiration from friends and family, so why not name the patterns after them!? Plus we are surrounded by some fun, cute and original names.

Our favorite part about designing patterns, is seeing what other people create with them! 



Alison Glass


Alison Glass is a surface designer living in Virginia with her husband, daughter, and son. Aspiring to create a career for herself, Alison started a design business in 2007 focusing on space remodels and custom home decor pieces. Her love of color and shape and the combination of the two eventually lead to making the decision to step back from the local design business and work toward her goal of creating artwork for surfaces. She is thrilled for the opportunity to design fabric for Andover.

Alison is inspired by the multitude of details in the world, both natural and those made by artisans, particularly in urban architecture. She is passionate about the ideas of making choices that are consistent with who a person is, being increasingly comfortable with ambiguity, and continuing to move forward and live in the new. She loves to talk about these ideas, as well as art, design, architecture, color, kids, okay, pretty much anything, with anyone who cares to talk! She is incredibly grateful to her husband and kids, for who they are, and for their enthusiasm and support of her work, as well as the amazing varied and interesting friends she is meeting along the way who are a constant source of inspiration and new possibilities.



Jan Douglas


I grew up on a farm near Green Isle, Minnesota, the youngest of six children. Our family has grown to 51 members and we are truly blessed with good health and longevity, my maternal grandfather having lived to 3 months short of 100 years. 

Growing up was a simple life which included summers of helping Mom maintain a garden, harvesting and canning vegetables, and cooking meals for the men who worked long days on the farm.   In the summer I shared a bike with my sister and brother, taking turns riding, and vacation was going to the lake on a Sunday afternoon. Entertainment was a birthday party or learning to dance the waltz and polka at a local dance pavillion. However, my memories keep going back to Lake Mary, one of Minnesota's many beautiful lakes, where lemonade was brought in a canning jar and carefully poured for each of us - rice krispy bars were a treat and inner tubes were blown up for floating in. Such a simple life, but so very much fun. Upon reaching fall we all helped to prepare and freeze chickens and pheasants to supplement the farm raised beef and pork. The winters were long, but beautiful with icicles up to 3 feet long hanging from the house and barn. With the onset of winter, the demographics of life simply changed from outdoors to indoors with family fun, puzzles, Monopoly, playing card games with Daddy and, for the girls, spending time with Mom who taught us to embroider pillow cases and dish towels. More importantly, Mom taught us to sew our clothes, mostly out of necessity. 



Julia LaBauve


I was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. With its warm and sunny climate, quilts were not part of my culture growing up. I learned to use a sewing machine and sew simple things from my Mom, a great seamstress who could sew beautifully made garments. After moving to the United States, and eventually learning about “quilts”, I decided to learn how to make them. “That will improve my “not-as-good-as-my-mother” sewing skills. Surely, after I learn to make quilts I will sew garments so much better…” or so I thought! After taking my first piecing class I forgot all about garments and became completely involved in quilting. That was more than 15 years ago. After sharing designing duties under the label Outside the Line Designs, I now have my own brand, JMLColors.

JMLColors is my “sandbox”, where I can play with color and make it my main design tool. My new designs have been published in Quilt and Quilter’s Newsletter and other magazines and there is more to come! Check out the website for news about upcoming publications. I will keep you posted!

BTW, I live with my gorgeous husband Joe (a.k.a. “tech support”), my pack of dogs, Nikko and Onyx, led by my alpha-cat, Miller. We all are JMLColors!



Amy Barickman


Indygo Junction Inc, a leader in the fashion sewing, needlework and craft design industry was founded in 1990 by Amy Barickman. Indygo Junction publishes and markets patterns and books designed in-house as well as licensing designs from artists from around the world.

Led by Amy’s vision for anticipating popular trends and her gift of discovering new artists, Indygo Junction has identified and marketed more than 30 designers and has sold over 2 million pattern and books internationally over the last 20 years. Amy & Indygo Junction continue to inspire countless crafters to explore their own creative spirit and experiment with the newest sewing, fabric and crafting techniques.

Amy’s best-selling titles include Indygo Junction's Fabric Flowers, Button Ware, Denim Redesign, Indygo Junction’s Needle Felting Book, Hankie Style, Vintage Notions, Fabric Flowers and Stitched Style.



Christina Stiasny


In 1997, I took my very first quilting class and was immediately hooked.   After a few years, my obsession turned into a new career.   So in May of 2006 we opened a small shop in Santee.  It wasn't long before we realized we needed to grow.   So, in 2011, we moved to our new location.  It now boasts a large storefront, a long arm quilting area and an awesome classroom.



Joanie Morrow

I have always had a strong desire to create and consider myself "lucky" to have raised 2 children whilst doing what I love… designing and creating with textiles. Coming from entrepreneurial roots it was a natural progression of over 30 years ago that I started selling my handmade creations at local markets. My sewing/creating turned from a hobby to full time passion!  When the children where small we built a craft/giftware store on our acreage just outside of town. My focus shifted to quilting and I have been designing in house since 2000. This ultimately led to the designing of my first collection of fabric along with the release of my patterns into the market place under the "patternworkz design studio" brand. 



Audrey Wright


Pattern and fabric designer Audrey Wright offers a new twist on traditional living, creating classic fabric designs with a modern touch. "In designing collections, I start with colors. Blending them together in a focal piece or strong border print, and using many colors in the range. Next, I incorporate coordinating prints that accentuate the focal designs and add contrast to create depth and dimension. I love to encourage quilter's to work with a group of fabrics that take them out of their comfort zone."

Audrey is owner of Legacy Patterns, a successful pattern company focused on creating patterns for quilters of all generations. Founded in 2005, Legacy Patterns is named for the generations of entrepreneurial women in Audrey's family. Today, Legacy Patterns is among the highest grossing pattern companies in the quilting industry. Audrey contributes her success to the company's eclectic mix of design styles and project sizes. "The secret behind the success lies in the mix," says Audrey. "Everyone is pressed for time it seems, keeping that in mind when designing is what makes Legacy Patterns user-friendly. Ease of construction and the use of pre-cuts and kits has been a focus for the shop owner as well as the individual quilter. Most of all, my goal is for quilters is to enjoy creating with fabric."

A self-taught quilter, Audrey has been quilting for over 40 years. She explains, "Having been introduced to fabric and sewing at the age of 7 had a profound impact on my life. I lost my mother when I was just 8, so working with fabric was my way to connect with her. I spent many summers and weekends sewing with my grandmother who nurtured my passion for fabric and encouraged me to hone my sewing skills. I attribute much of my success to both my mother and grandmother."

Audrey designs with the shop owner in mind, having operated and owned a quilt shop in Kansas for 5 years. Every print in a collection serves a purpose and works for quilting. An avid collector of antique quilts and fabrics, Audrey is drawn to traditional and contemporary designs alike. "I draw my inspiration from many sources past and present. I enjoy collecting anything made of wood, clay and metal. Objects made from these types of materials stand the test of time. I approach my fabric designing much the same way. My fabric designs carry a traditional feel, but also compliment a contemporary setting. My colorations are rich and livable to stand the test of time."



Ladylike Designs


I enjoy spending my time designing patterns, teaching classes or workshops with or without a lecture.  I enjoy meeting new people and especially quilters.....  I've been sewing most of my life and dived head first into quilting when I made a quilt for a charity.  I spent 3 years in training you might say as I took every class available and learned every technique I could and launched into designing my own quilts. 

Ive spent the last 12 years teaching, designing and lecturing (mostly on color and design) and loving every minute of it!

This year I ventured into quilt shows and discovered I love it!  What a great way to meet new quilts and share my designs.  

I am blessed to have a very giving family who understands my passion for fabric and thread - they support me in every way and I'm lucky to have many generous quilting friends as well.  I'm also involved with a special group of quilters that  I sew with who have taught  me more than I have taught them.



Larene Smith 


I can remember my mom sewing when I was very young and the words “Do not touch my sewing machine”.  What a way to intrigue a child.  There began my interest in sewing.  When my mom was getting ready to move to Texas to help my aunt with our grandparents I asked her to show me how to make a quilt.  She took the time to teach me step by step on how to make a 9 patch quilt.  What a glorious day we had!  It was very hard on me, her moving so far away.  But, our connection never wavered.  I took what she had taught me and pulled out that old fabric that I bought too many years ago to count from T G & Y and began playing with fabric.

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